The most adorable friendship, the little chick cannot break away from the puppy

    Who would have imagined that a husky and a little chick could become such good friends? The friendship between these two comes so naturally that nobody can come between them.

    They found the little chick on the streets and when they took it home Grohan, the husky had a surprising response. He was very interested in the new family member. He accepted it from the first moment. The chick always finds a little bit of warmth on the dog’s head or by his legs. Grohan is like a mother to it.

    And the little chick, just like an obedient baby, talks to him by its little chirps. When the night comes, it is time to put the chick into its cage but Grohan feels differently about it. It is almost as if he is saying that it would be much better if they could sleep together. If you watch this short video then you can see the strange friendship. It is not something you see every day.