A ‘Good Samaritan’ has searched the whole territory to find the mother of the puppies!

    Have you ever had a feeling that what you are doing is not entirely by your choice? As if some higher force made you do something? Manohar Lal, a 36-year-old web developer, has just experienced this feeling. And while the story does not seem particularly interesting at first, the editorial staff of Ketkes thought it would be good to share this with their readers. Good deeds should always be shared.

    One day in April Manohar Lal was returning from work. He passed an old, desolate house and he heard cries and whimpers coming from it. He followed the noises and found the source, seven puppies. They were so small, only a few weeks old and they seemed very hungry. The man could not just leave them behind. He could not forget these little puppies. But it was logical for him to assume that their mother must be close by. Maybe she is looking for food, therefore he should not take the dogs with him. He gave them a little milk and went home.

    On the next day however, the puppies were still whimpering and their mother was nowhere to be found. This is when Manohar Lal realized that it is his task to solve this situation and he should be the one to reunite this family. He took a day off and he started search the territory. He even asked a few friends to help him. Not even a day went by when one of his friends called him with the news. He saw a dog, who seemed to be acting rather weird about six kilometers, where he found the puppies. The dog seemed to be searching for something, like she lost something. The chances were slim… They went to get the dog immediately.

    Did you notice that the dog sniffed every puppy like she was checking if they were all there? Only after this did she start feeding them. This is what family means! According to Manohar Lal this was one of his happiest moments in life. He really did something that could be called a selfless act. Isn’t it wonderful?