If you talk to your pet that is the sign of high intelligence

    If you have a pet, we are sure you talk to it, even though we all know that animals do not understand our language. This is called anthropomorphism. Many think that it is an intuitive bad reaction coming from humans as it is pointless to talk to animals or plants.

    A professor at the University of Chicago has disproved this claim. He conducted a research on this topic and he found out that communication with animals is the sign of high intelligence.

    ‘Not so long ago treating objects and animals as if they were people was seen as childish and silly, however today we know that all this can be attributed to high intelligence.’ – said the expert.

    The researchers studying anthropomorphism say that it can be proven scientifically, that ‘talking’ to animals is a sign of high intelligence. The same is true for people who talk to their plants.

    There is no need to feel guilty or silly if you feel like pouring your heart out to your pet or if you feel like telling them what happened to you on that day. Next time you think you are doing something silly just think of the research conducted at the University of Chicago!

    Do you sometimes ‘talk’ to you animals?