10 reasons why boys make mothers happier than girls!

Several families would prefer daughters over sons, however, they happen to have a baby boy at last. But there’s no problem with this, since having a baby boy is great joy. You’ll learn all the names of all the different types of cars for example and you’ll come to like Thunder McQueen as well.

Below you can find 10 good reasons why it’s such fun to raise up a boy! Hope you all have your sense of irony.

1. A boy is very much attached to his mother

The bond between mothers and sons is very strong. They need to get more attention so you can take care of them longer. Girls are much more independent, but you shouldn’t worry about this.

2. Easy to find a place to pee

You won’t have so many problems finding a place to pee with a son. You might have more issues in case you happen to have a daughter.

3. Easy to choose clothes

You won’t have to search all the shops for the cutest ribbons, tights, and skirts. To make a boy elegant, all you need is a T-shirt, a pair of trousers, and a pair of shoes.

4. You’ll never be bored

How could a mother ever be bored with a happy child? Moreover, a mother with a son is always full of energy, which helps her maintain an impeccable figure.

5. You’ll have more time to rest

Since boys play all the time, mothers with sons will usually have much more time for themselves.

6. Even the bravest boy will be very kind to his mother

You’re wrong if you think that it’s only girls who can be kind to their mothers. As a matter of fact, boys tend to pay much more attention to them.

7. Your son will be your best fitness coach

A boy is active, and he always keeps his mother’s body in mind, so he will do his best to keep you fit all the time.

8. He’ll choose a wife who is similar to you

This is one reason why a mother should always look gorgeous. Okay, not always but almost all the times.

9. Boys are not so touchy

Girls cry a lot and get hurt easily, but boys are totally different. Except when they are in a bad mood.

10. You will be his favourite person in the whole wide world

If a son has been educated the right way, his mother’s word is a must to him. If this is not the case, something might have gone wrong.