A German shepherd kept visiting his owner’s grave for more than a decade

    There are meetings in life that are just simply decisive. When Capitán, the German shepherd mix, and his owner, Miguel met was a moment like this.

    They both expected to have happy years coming but then life got in the way. Miguel died the next year. After his death his family couldn’t find Capitán anywhere. He just vanished. They were looking for him for a while, but when nobody could find him anywhere, they just thought someone else has adopted him. But they never expected the thing that happened afterwards. Miguel’s son met the loyal dog at the cemetery.

    He had no idea how he got there. He took Capitán, the dog everybody thought to be lost, home, but he always returned to the cemetery. He spent most of his days there, sometimes he visited the family, but in the afternoons, he always went back to the grave. Capitán, who showed everyone what amazing loyalty means, was guarding his owner’s grave for 11 (!) years and then finally he followed his owner and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

    Only dogs can give us such loyalty and love. The kind that not even death can stop.