Oven pancakes the way Grandma makes them! No flour miracle that melts in your mouth!

Incredibly delicious pancakes waiting to melt in your mouth. Worth a try!


• 5 tbsp edible starch
• sour cream (sweetened with power sugar at discretion)
• 6 eggs
• 350 g curd cheese
• 500 ml milk
• 1 pack of butter (melted over steam)
• sugar
• 1 tbsp cooking oil


Mix 5 eggs and a bit of sugar. Add starch and stir until smooth. Add oil and milk. Mix thoroughly and set aside at room temperature for half an hour. Brush the base and the sides of a frying pan with oil and fry pancakes the usual way.


Add some sugar to the curd cheese until pleasantly sweet, add the remaining egg, and mix them together. Fill pancakes with the cream. Cover the base and the sides of a heatproof bowl with melted butter and place stuffed pancakes into it. Spread melted butter and sweetened sour cream on each layer of pancakes. Place into oven and let it bake for about 15 minutes at 180 ° Celsius.