The abused dog used to fear people, but now he is happy again

    The incredibly fast greyhounds are gracious, fragile and very sensitive. Angel is an abused greyhound, who was traumatized by what happened to her even more than it could be expected from his breed. She broke down completely. When there were people around her, she would act as if she was invisible.

    When somebody tried to get near her, she would avoid eye contact, she held her head down and tried to become as small as possible and she turned to the wall. She would only eat when she was left alone.

    The animal control was worried. They were not sure whether Angel would ever heal and whether she would be able to forget the horrible things that happened to her. But they were hopeful and finally, the love and patience paid off.

    6 months later the broken dog changed totally. Angel became more relaxed and she was able to trust people again.