This boy from Texas is only seven years old but he already helped more than a thousand dogs

    Roman has his own animal protection organization even though he barely started going to school!

    Roman McCoon from Texas won the award for the ‘Children of the year’ in 2018. The boy, who is only 7 years old is a committed animal rescuer and his goal is to find families to as many stray dogs as possible. So far, he rescued a bit more than 1300 dogs and he found a loving owner for all of them.

    “The dogs I meet need help more than anybody else.” – said the boy to CNN.

    The young animal rescuer started helping dogs when he was just 4 years old. His parents support him in everything so Roman can have his own dog rescuing program. The animal rescue organization by the name Project Freedom Ride primarily tries to help dogs in Texas, that would be put to sleep otherwise. At the award ceremony Roman talked about the program of the organisation and he said that he has been fighting for years now to save dogs that need help.

    “I remember that on my fourth birthday my parents wanted to give me money, but I said it would be better if we would donate the money to an animal shelter.” – explained the boy.

    The exemplary boy hopes that he will gather more and more followers coming from his generation, who will see the importance of saving dogs.

    “I would like for more people to follow my example because I can’t rescue all the dogs, waiting to find an owner, on my own.” Roman also said that it is very important for him to spend time with the animals he rescues.

    “My mother always records me playing with them and then uploads the videos to Facebook. It is a great thing because future owners can see how the dogs behave. I will never forget the first dog I saved. His name was Sullivan, but I just called him Sully. We managed to save him at the last moment, but today he is living with a good family.” – said Roman.

    We can all be proud of the child, who won the “Children of the Year” award. We hope more and more people will follow his example.