The grateful pitbull is always by his owner

    There are some meetings in life that are almost inevitable. The meeting of Kayla Foon and Russ seems to belong to this sort. It happened at an animal shelter in Philadelphia. Russ was a pitbull, who got to the animal shelter in a very bad state. He was sad, tired, weak and his body was covered in wounds. His state seemed to be hopeless.

    When Kayla was a university student she was helping out in the shelter as a dog walker volunteer.

    Her volunteer work was a great help for the employees of the shelter and the animals as well, since the dogs needed some activity every day, not just care and treatment. It also helped in making them more social.

    Russ became attached to Kayla from the first moment and the feeling was mutual. After their first walk together, Kayla decided to adopt the dog.

    She filled out the papers immediately and she took Russ home. The dog follows her everywhere since then. Their relationship is very close, Russ helps out with her homework as well. No comment needs to be added to the pictures above. They speak for themselves.