They wanted to rescue the dog stuck in snow and that is when they saw there is something under him

    What comes to your mind when you think of Siberia? Some people instantly think about the vast green territories, forests and wild animals, but the majority of people, when they hear this word, think of the harsh cold weather and the dangerous living conditions. During the winter period the temperature is frequently around -40, -50 in Siberia.

    Everybody is aware of the fact that they cannot leave children out unattended in the nature for a long time. But today’s story is actually about a case like that.

    A woman left her two-year-old son out in the yard, when the temperature was already less than -20. The child had no chance of survival in this cold, especially not at night. But then a guardian angel came around who was no other than the woman’s dog.

    The dog must have felt the danger so he went to stay with the child and he covered the child with his body. The warmth of the dog’s body helped the child to survive. Two days passed when the neighbours noticed that the dog doesn’t move at all from his place. They went over there to check if everything is all right. When they saw the child under the dog’s fur, they realized how grave the situation was.

    According to ” The Siberian Times” the child survived this situation and he made a full recovery. The people living there call the dog a “hero and a saviour”. The child’s mother will be held accountable for this horrible act and she will lose the child most probably. Because she simply left home and forgot about the child.

    If the dog would have not taken care of this child then story would have a very different ending. This is another story proving how loyal dogs are.

    This is not the only story like this in Siberia. Three years ago, a little girl went missing without a trace together with her dog. According to the Siberian Times the area where the girl went missing is full of bears and wolves.

    Nine days after the girl’s disappearance the dog went to get help in the neighbouring village.

    The little girl ate forest fruits in the meantime. The dog was the only one guarding her and it is thanks to the dog she survived. The girl did not get hurt at all. A mosquito bit her but that is all. The dog guarded her at night and then he looked for places where they could be safe during daytime till the rescuers came.

    In the present day both children are healthy and they both owe their lives to dogs. These animals are wonderful and they are true heroes inded.