This is the baby’s first day at home, but the family dog is already guarding him

    Today’s video was made by a mother, who took her newborn baby home and she didn’t know how her female boxer will react to the baby’s arrival. Will she be jealous or will she protect the child? This is the question the mother wanted to know the answer to.

    When the baby got in her crib the dog’s behaviour was really surprising. She lay down under the crib and she was protecting the new family member. Bella, the dog and Malina became good friends in no time. Bella decided after the first time she met her that she does not want to be separated from the baby so they slept in the same room. The smart dog is staying under the crib patiently and she watches over her little friend’s every move. Whenever the baby starts to cry Bella runs to the parents immediately. She signals that someone should look in on the child. The loyal friend always gets her reward, she gets more food than usually. This video proves that a dog is the most loyal friend.