A woman gave her own coat to the dog waiting in the cold outside

    Dogs love their owners unconditionally and it is just as important to return this favor to them. A woman did exactly that, when she was on her way to the post office. The dog unfortunately was not allowed to enter the building so she tied the dog’s leash to a tree nearby. The dog started to shiver immediately because of the windy and cold weather. The lady didn’t hesitate and she just took off her coat and put it on the dog. She zipped it up and when she was sure that her dog is okay she went into the office.

    Two postal workers have witnessed the case and they felt really touched by it. One of them, Kristina Hollie made a statement about it, she said, she went over to talk to this wonderful owner and told her how much she appreciated what she did.

    The dog was truly grateful to his owner for the comfortable and warm coat.

    It is wonderful to see people, who really treat their pet as family members, partners and for whom they are ready to make a sacrifice.