Don’t throw it away! Creative ways to repurpose old glass bottles you have lying around the house

Separating all recyclable waste has become part of everyday lifestyle in most households. We separately collect paper, plastic, and glass but there is an even more environmentally friendly practice to go green. And this is recycling. Let’s see what we can make out of old glass bottles.

Picture Frames from Glass Bottles

Insert a photo inside the bottle and there you go – your vintage style picture frame is ready.

Remove the label from the bottle first by using soap and warm water.

Then roll up the photograph before slipping it into the bottle. You can pour seashells, sand, pebbles, beads, or any other things that complement the mood of the photo through the bottle neck.

Once the photo is inside the bottle, you can also decorate the neck.

Alcohol Bottles

Using various techniques such as painting and glueing, you can transfer any magic motifs onto empty bottles within seconds.

Vase out of a Bottle

Follow the steps below to make a beautiful vase out of a bottle.

Unique Vase

First of all, cut out whatever form you like from an old newspaper or from a page of a ruined book.

Paint the bottle plain white and glue the cut out form onto it. And there you go – your unique, homemade vase is ready.

Empty Glass Jars

Voss mineral water glass bottles are ideal for storing pasta or spices in the kitchen.

Pump Dispenser from a Bottle

You can attach the pump on plastic and glass bottles as well.

Winter Wonder World Decoration

To make this decoration, you’ll need unrefined salt, white paint, a newspaper, and a glass bottle.

Paint the bottle and roll it in salt spread on a sheet of newspaper before the paint dries.

The salt will stick onto the surface and make it look like as if it’s been covered with snow.

Candle Holder

Paint the bottle gold and place a candle in it. It will add a chic touch to any romantic evening.

With a Label

Cut out and glue letters onto the bottles. Splendid way to create unique greetings, party and even home decorations.

Bird Feeder

You can make a terrific bird feeder from a glass bottle to your yard.

Drinking Glasses from Bottles

Cut off the top of a unique shape bottle to have a classic type of glass.

Outdoor Oil Lantern

Use a small torch, some kerosene, and a lighter to make this charming garden oil lantern.