She took some tension rods and installed them in the kitchen. Never seen such practical ideas before!

If you also happen to have some spare tension rods lying around the house, we show you how to repurpose them. The alternative ideas below might be perfect for those who are after space-saving solutions and ways to make their home feel really cosy.

We can use them to separate the space where we work from the space where we sleep in the bedroom. To do this, all we need is some curtains and some curtain rods. But this is only one of the fantastic ideas that you can try using tension rods!

Alternative ways to use tension rods

No doubt that the kids will be amazed if you surprise them with such a fabulous gift. Besides, separated spaces as such encourage kids to try and find a number of new games!

A perfect idea to store different kinds of pots and pans that take up a lot of valuable space. Install a tension rod inside the cupboard to organize kitchenware in a space-effective way.

One can never have enough shoes, however, one problem might arise when having a considerable collection of shoes and that is where to store them. Issues as such will come to an end from now on! I’m also dreaming of shoe racks made from tension rods for keeping all shoes organized and easily accessible…

There you go! A creative little hiding nook idea for kids that all friends will die to steal. Very easy to install but helps boundless joy to come!

Use a tension rod inside sink cabinets to find space for the myriad bottles needed for housekeeping. Perfect order in no time, as it should always be.

This is a brilliant idea for keeping kitchen towels in a convenient place for use; the time when it got stuck, fell off and so on is over. Genius!

Another idea for pros: a splendid way to organize different kinds of ribbons in a simple but great way.

Cut the tension rod to size and place the pieces by pair in-between shelves to create separate areas for various kitchenware.

Very easy but fabulous idea for a family with small kids where nothing is protected enough. However, this issue will no doubt come to an end by using this trick to keep the little rascals safe by preventing access to whatever objects.

An easy way to create a simple cot is to fix the tension rods on the wall. It will not only protect your kid but will save space as well.

If you like these ideas, surprise your friends with them! Don’t forget: using everyday objects in alternative ways will make your life easier.