The dog, who was taken back to the shelter after a couple months, was leaving his new home with tears in his eyes

    When you decide to take an animal in then this decision has to be made responsibly because that is for life. There is nothing more heartbreaking than when someone decides to take an animal in without thinking it through, without making the commitment that is necessary in these situations and without having the conditions needed to keep an animal.

    Astra, the Dogo Argentino mix, was adopted by a family in New York. The family’s home was on the 18th floor. The dog got restless when traveling in the lift. He was afraid of the small, closed space. The situation got even worse when some other residents from the building joined then in the lift. When Astra found himself in the lift with another dog, he got out of control. Two months went by when the adopting family decided to bring the dog back to the shelter.

    Astra broke down because of this. He didn’t understand why this was happening since he did nothing wrong. He was startled and he was looking around for a long time hoping that his family comes back for him. When he realized that he is on his own again he got depressed. One of the employees at the shelter took these photos of Astra.

    ‘We understand the situation the adopting family found themselves in. He was simply not the dog for them.’ – said someone working at the shelter.

    Animals have feelings too, becoming a responsible owner is a serious decision. If you can’t create the conditions necessary, if you are not ready to adapt to them and to make some sacrifices then you should not make them go through such devastation!