The owner sang a lullaby to the puppies and they fell asleep immediately

    People often think that puppies are just like little children and truth be told, that is the case. In today’s video you will see five puppies and their owner, who when trying to make them sleep, calms them by singing a well-known lullaby, Goodnight Sweetheart.

    The puppies are in the bed made for them. When their owner starts to sing, they start looking for the most comfortable position to fall asleep in. The little animals are very energetic, but when they hear their owners gentle voice, they know it is time to go to sleep. By the time the lullaby ends the puppies all fall asleep, there is only one among that is waiting to hear the lullaby one more time.

    The good-hearted and caring owner repeats this ritual every night so the five little pets fall asleep calmed. The wife of the man in the video is amazed by the reaction of the animals. She would have never thought that such a thing is possible without seeing it with her own eyes. Dogs have a soul as well and they need care a bit of indulgence. According to the opinion of some experts, puppies sleep the best when their owners are nearby. This can all be done with a bit of kindness.