The puppy is guarding the sleeping baby, but this is no easy task, so he falls asleep as well

    In today’s video you will see a sleeping baby and next to him there is a pet guarding him loyally. The mother of the baby managed to record a video that shows how the baby is sleeping and how their dog is guarding the precious thing, and after a while he lowers his head and puts it on the baby and falls asleep a well.

    The puppy is just like a baby, he needs to sleep a lot as well so that he can be healthy and grow up to be a big dog. The puppy next to the baby is so tired that he tumbles from one side to the other, he tries to keep his eyes open, but it is really hard for him. Finally, he moves even closer to the baby, while trying not the wake him and then he puts his head on the baby’s shoulder. Is there a more comfortable place to sleep in? The video shows that two good friends are always next to each other, even if they are sleeping.