This is why I have removed all magnets from the door of my refrigerator. If you read this, you will do the same!

You will be amazed how an old refrigerator can be redecorated with using a bit of fantasy and material. Your guests would never suspect that your appliance is some 10 or 20 years old!

1. Glossy stickers

This is the easiest way to redecorate your old refrigerator. By using different kinds of stickers, you can choose the colour that most combine with your kitchen.

2. Decoupage

You will need some skills and patience to decorate your refrigerator using decoupage techniques. However, the result will be amazing! No doubt, that a creative appliance like this will make you a proud housewife.

3. Painting

Repainting a boring colour is always a good choice. With some skills, you can make your fridge the gem of your kitchen interior design. However, don’t forget to prepare the surface before you start painting it.

4. Wallpaper

If you happen to be on a tight budget, this might be an amazing choice for updating your refrigerator. And even some old wallpaper will do! It’s a fast, easy, and cheap way. Just what you need.

5. Photos

Decorating your fridge with the most pleasant moments of your life is a fabulous idea! Print your favourite photos and cover your refrigerator with them. Perfect option for the ones who love to relive their memories.

6. Slate

Covering your fridge with slate will turn your appliance into the most decorative and most practical item in the kitchen. You can write and place notes or reminders on it, not to speak about cooking recipes and drawings as well.

7. Mirror

A mirror on the door of your fridge is a fantastic option to refresh your kitchen and make it feel more spacious.

8. Imitation wood

You won’t believe the transformation some imitation wood can do to make your refrigerator magnificent. And all this with your own hands! This is a perfect choice to combine with vintage style furniture.

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