Here are 8 pieces of evidence proving that dogs are man’s best friend

    The friendship between dogs and men goes back thousands of years. In the old times the friendship between dog and man was based on the fact that dogs provided guard services in return for food. This relationship changed immensely through the years. Today not many dogs serve as guards, there are a lot more dogs who are kept as family members, pet and friends. It is not far-fetched to say that dogs are the most loyal partners of people.

    From the compilation of I heart dogs we can find out why we can be grateful for our dogs.

    1. They love us unconditionally

    There are not many things in life that are as certain as the love dogs have for us. They accept and love us unconditionally, no matter what we are like. It doesn’t matter what social status we have, what our family is like and they don’t care how much money we have or what we look like, we are perfect as we are. The highlight of the day is when the loving owner comes home and the dog can smother them with all their love.

    2. They cheer you up

    It is as if dogs knew that laughter is a medicine. It relaxes us and helps when we are stressed. They know many tricks, some may be weird, that make us laugh. They never say no to some fun.

    3. They give you purpose

    Keeping a dog is the best medicine for loneliness and aimlessness. You have to take care of a dog; it means you have responsibilities. You need to walk them, feed them, love them. They will not let you drown in self-pity. If you have a dog, you have stay active. A long walk with the most selfless friend ever always helps.

    4. They make you more active

    Dog owners in cities go for walks every day thus they secure having some physical activity every day, no matter what the weather is like. This way even the least health-conscious people do something for they health. Time spent this means happiness for the dog and the owner as well.

    5. We can count on them

    They are the ones, who are always there when you need them. They give all their attention to us; they are always available. They cheer you up and make you laugh. You can pour your heart out to them; they will listen to you no matter what and you don’t need to worry whether they will keep your secrets.

    6. They calm you

    Sometimes no words are needed. When you pet a dog, a hormone called oxytocin is produced, which helps in stress-reduction. A warm pair of eyes, soft fur and the familiar sniffling means help even in the most difficult situations.

    7. They are always happy to see you

    Who wouldn’t want to get a warm welcome every time? Well, if you have a dog, then you can experience this wonder every day. There is no other animal that is always just as happy to see you and shows the same constant unconditional admiration as your dog.

    8. They protect you

    Dogs provide a sense of security. A dog protects you, your family and your home. They would do anything for you, they would give their life for you just to save you. They protect, they shield you and you can be immensely grateful for it. When you think of these facts, you realize how much truth is in the saying dog is man’s best friend.