„Rose”-cakes with cottage cheese: only twenty minutes to make but the whole family will enjoy it for an entire week!

Some of us might have difficulties when serving delicious homemade cottage cheese to our kids even if we do our utmost because we are aware that it’s super healthy, nutritious, and very important for proper growth and development in children. The editorial staff of Ketkes helps you cut the Gordian knot!

Here below, all our readers can find the recipe of an exciting dessert that is, not surprisingly, called the “rose”-cake. Its beauty will make your kids love it!

I’ve found this recipe in one of the old recipe books of my mother’s. If you want to make a bigger portion, keep it in the fridge.

Easy cottage cheesecake


• 450 g flour,
• 250 g cottage cheese,
• 100 g margarine,
• 1/2 glass sugar,
• 1/4 tsp baking soda,
• 1 g vanillin,
• 1/2 tsp salt,
• 2 egg yolks.

Preparation method:

1. Add the cottage cheese, the melted margarine, the sugar, the vanillin, the salt, and the two egg yolks into a bowl.

2. While stirring constantly, sift the flour and the baking soda powder to it to get a soft pastry. The proper quantity of the flour (it can be less or more) depends on how wet the cottage cheese you use is.

3. Roll out the pastry to about 2-3 millimetres thick and cut out circles. Lay 3-4 of them over each other partly covering the previous one, and rolled them up carefully.

4. Cut up the rolled circles into two even pieces. You’ll get two roses as a result.

5. Once all the “roses” have been made, place them in a baking tin over parchment paper.

6. Place them into the oven and bake them for about 20-30 minutes at 120-150 °C.

Sprinkle it with caster sugar before serving. We hope you’ll enjoy this delicious ‘rose”-cake while having tea together with your beloved ones!