The dog with a heart of gold raised the kitty as its own

    Unfortunately, no day goes by without hearing about animals that were thrown out or left behind. Many people have no idea what kind of responsibility is required to keep animals. They don’t realize that pets are not toys. Deciding to keep animals is a responsible decision and it means a life- long commitment. The life of the animals that are thrown out on the street changes drastically in a second and usually their life changes to the better only by chance.

    The dogs and cat  in the pictures  were reported to the animal control. People found a dog and a kitty in the forest.

    Nobody knows how long they have been living there, but the animal control believes that they were left there at the same time They could not identify the owner because the dog had no chip on him. When a vet examined the dog, it turned out that the dog has a false pregnancy that is why she could keep the kitty as her own. Fortunately, both animals are healthy.

    The cute duo got a new name from the workers at the animal shelter. The kitty’s name is Kate, while the dog’s new name is Goldie. Fortunately, they only stayed at the animal shelter for a short period because a family adopted them. So finally, their fates are settled and they can keep on living a safe live full of love.