The little girl adores the dog, and she gives him kisses. The dog has a cute response

    In families where dogs and little children grow up together the parents must always stay alert so that nothing bad happens. The children usually sit on the carpet in a room and the pets remain next to them. There is nothing wrong with this. If the dog is trained and taught from an early age, then there will be no unpleasant surprises.

    In today’s video you will see the little Quinn, a girl born only a few months ago. She lives with her family and their dog in San Antonio, Texas. The little girl loves their pet very much. He is the one, who is sitting next to her and playing with her all the time. The little Quinn is not old enough to be able to talk yet, but she tries tell what she means to the dog. She would like to give him a kiss, but she can’t reach him.

    And just as if the dog understood her, he lies next to the girl. Now she can reach him and she can show her love by giving him a kiss. The dog then stands up and goes even closer to the girl and start to lick little Quinn’s face showing her that he loves his little owner very as well. Fortunately, the girl’s father is nearby, so he could record a video with the two friends. Watch this video, we are sure it will make you smile.