This dog takes the bus every day so he can play at the local park

    Eclipse is an adorable black Labrador-Mastiff mix, whose favorite pastime is to play in the park near his home. But in order to get to this park he has to take the bus but this means no problem for Eclipse: he can take the bus to and from the park every day without the help of people!

    Almost unbelievable, but the dog walks to the bus stop near his home in Seattle every day, he gets on the bus and gets off at the bus stop near the park so he can meet and play with his friends. A few hours later he heads home because he knows that when he arrives his dinner will be waiting for him. Eclipse sticks to the rules, he has a ticket which is on his collar.

    The dog didn’t always travel without his owner. One day he was so excited that he could not wait for his owner, Jeff, to finish his cigarette and he got on the bus without him. This is when Jeff found out that his dog is not only beautiful but really smart as well so he doesn’t need his owner if he wants to play. The bus driver recognized Eclipse and he kept his eyes on the dog, who started his first journey on his own.

    When the dog completed this journey a few times on his own, Jeff realized that there is no need for him to go to with him and since them he lets Eclipse go out to play when he wants to. He sticks a ticket to his collar every morning and he knows he has no reason to worry because he always gets home by the time dinner is served. The people, who travel on this line all know Eclipse and he makes everybody smile, which is of course no surprise.

    The Facebook post about this special story was shared by more than 300 thousand people. Which is almost as amazing as this dog using public transport on his own.

    This is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends…

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