I recommend this to anybody, who like chestnut puree: Chestnut puree cake (no baking)

Easy to prepare and it is simply delicious! Everybody will get mesmerized by this cake as it is very creamy and incredibly tasty. It is a great choice for a special occasion as well.



  • 2 pack of chestnut puree,
  • 25 dkg crushed biscuits,
  • rum extract,
  • 15 dkg powdered sugar,
  • a little milk.

Mix them. Then spread it evenly in a baking sheet.


  • 9 dl milk,
  • 3 packs of vanilla pudding,
  • 25 dkg powdered sugar.

Cook these three ingredients and when it cools down add 25 dkg cold margarine.

Spread half of the cream on the puree.

Next layer:

2 packages of ladyfingers dipped into a milk and rum extract mixture. Next comes the other half of the cream. Finally, add 2,5 dl whipping cream. Sprinkle chocolate scrap on the top.

Recipe by Laja Ilona!