Instead of giving a speech, the father figured out something much more touching at his daughter’s wedding!

The father always plays an important role in a woman’s life starting from the very beginning. But when he escorts her daughter to the altar, that moment must be unforgettable for both of them.

The following video is about a father who was first puzzled about how to tell his daughter on her wedding day how much he loves her, so instead he prepared with something special to surprise her.

The bride, Nicole Cortez posted a video on YouTube about her father signing the song “I Loved Her First”. Nicole is not deaf, she is a sign language interpreter, but she was amazed that her father learnt to sign this song so that he can perform it at her wedding.

The bride wrote the following lines under the video: “These moments mean the world to me. My father told me that it took him the whole year I was engaged to learn how to sign this beautiful song.”

So watch this video and enjoy it until the very end when the father signs to the son in-law “I’m watching you” in a funny way, meaning that he’d better be kind to his daughter.