Pudding cookies, incredibly tasty and fresh for days!

Pudding powder can also be used to make cookies. It is incredibly tasty and easy to make, you can choose from different flavors.


  • 25 dkg margarine (soft),
  • 10 dkg powdered sugar,
  • 1 package of vanilla sugar,
  • 25 dkg flour,
  • 100 g pudding powder (vanilla or chocolate flavor).


Mix the ingredients (add the dry pudding powder as well). Make little balls, put them in a backing pan, press them with a fork and bake them on 200 degrees for a couple of minutes.

It can be a little problematic when you press the balls and the fork sticks to the dough. What I found to be working is to lift the fork from its end. When I started from the handle, they fell apart. By the way, I used the vanilla and the chocolate powder as well. But you can also make a dose with vanilla and one with chocolate.

Recipe by Kitti Asztalos