Researchers say that losing a dog is just as painful as losing a person

    Everybody who ever had a dog knows that these pets are like family. There is a special relationship between the dog and its owner. So when a dog passes away or you lose it for some reason then the pain you feel is the same as when you lose a close relative.

    The owners usually need time to process this loss and move on. They need to mourn the death of this animal and they feel the need to talk about the loss they are going through with their family.

    Some people will just say “but this was just a dog” and by doing this they will cause even more pain to the person in question.

    Recent research tells us that the losing a dog is just as painful as losing a person we love, or sometimes it is even more painful.

    Now we will list a few reasons that show why it is so painful to lose a dog.

    1. Love and comfort

    When a pet you love passes away it is not only the pet you lose, but the feelings associated to him. You lose the love, the comfort that the presence of this pet gave you. This is why people feel so empty at these times. Dogs love their owners unconditionally and this love is hard to encounter with other people.

    2. Memories and the routine

    When you have a dog then they live with you and you spend almost the whole day together. When the dog is no longer there you feel like you don’t like to be at home any more, because the routine you know is gone. You don’t hear the footsteps of your dog, you don’t have to feed him, you don’t have to take the dog for his walks and he no longer jumps on you to get your attention. When a single person loses their dog, they can become physically ill because of it.

    3. You feel like it was your fault

    Sometimes you have to make the choices affecting the life of your dog. When the dog wanted to play but you went to sleep instead then later on you may feel guilty for not spending time with your dog.

    4. The relationship between you

    Researchers think that the relationship between a person and their dog is similar to the relationship you have with people because your brain reacts to it the same way. In other words your body produces the same hormones when you have a close relationship with your dog as it does when you are in a close relationship with a person. This is why your pets feel like family members.

    Losing a dog or any other pet is just as painful since losing a close relative is painful and sad. Some people understand this and some don’t but what is sure that research has shown that this feeling is real.