The chained dog caring for his six puppies was saved

    A passerby in Roscommon, Ireland was the one to find the dog taking care of her six puppies while being chained to a fence. The family in this difficult situation was moved to the Longford National Animal Center.

    Apart from being really hungry and from the cold they got in the rainy weather, the puppies are fine. Why the mother dog was chained to the fence in this cold weather is still unknown. The rescued animals are still under observation in the Longford Animal Center. Hugh O’Toole, the person running the place said the following:

    ‘A two-year old young dog was chained up with her puppies without food or water. This is animal torture, there is no doubt about that. The person who did this endangered the life of the dogs. We would like to encourage everybody that if you have not done it yet, please neuter your cats and dogs as soon as possible, so that the number of stray animals would go down. I can’t understand how someone was capable of leaving these animals out there in the cold without food or water. We are very grateful that we were informed and that we could save these dogs.’

    The rescued dogs already got names as well: The mother is called Emmy Lou, the puppies are called Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June and Patsy.

    They will all remain at the animal rescue organization  until someone adopts  them.