The dog, who was rescued from the icy water by the police, got adopted

    A stray dog almost drowned in the icy Michigan lake recently. The only reason he is still alive it the fact that a person walking by saw him and informed the police. The police arrived at the scene quickly and they rescued the dog and named him Michigan. The startled dog was moved to a hospital in Wisconsin, they took care of him and checked whether he has an owner. That’s when they found out that Michigan was a stray, so he was placed on the list of dogs waiting for adoption. As a local TV channel also made a report about the heroic rescue, a lot of people have seen the dog so many people offered to take him in. From the couple hundred people who applied the hospital finally decided to give him to Brenda Thompson, who said that she ‘fell in love immediately’ after seeing the dog on TV, so there was no doubt that she would also apply to adopt.

    ‘I threw some clothes on and went out to get him.’ – said Brenda.

    Now that the adoption has been completed successfully the woman plans to provide Michigan a new, safe and happy life.

    ‘I am sure that the first thing we will do is go on a long walk. I bought him new bowl and toys and his bed is also ready. Everything’s fine. I think today is the beginning of a true friendship.’ – add the new owner.

    Michigan will also have a four-legged friend, a black Labrador, who was adopted by Thomson after the Hurricane Katrina.