The internet’s new favorite: the world’s laziest dog

    Dogs, just like people, have different personalities. Some cannot sit still and some others are not fans of physical activity. The dog named Lazy belongs to the second group and he is certainly deserving of this name. The meaning of the name is clear to everybody and it fits this dog perfectly because he couldn’t be bothered less by the fact that his owner is trying to sweep the ground around him.

    The owner of the dog from Argentina, Lucho Bugallo, made a recording of the dog who refused to move while he was cleaning the leaves around him. The golden retriever didn’t mind that his owner is lifting his legs so he can sweep under them. Lazy behaved like he was a stuffed animal. He remained a statue, while his owner was sweeping the floor around him.

    We cannot know for sure whether he is the laziest dog in the world, but one thing is sure, he would be among the very best if this was a competition.