This child can make the dog do anything. This time he climbed up on his back in order to open the fridge door

    The following video is sensational. A dog teaches the child a lesson because he did not get a treat for his help. A lot of things happen in families where the child has a dog as their playmate because kids are so creative that he can rely on the pet’s help in many situations. Here the two cuties formed a team.

    In today’s video the little toddler, the little boy with curly hair stands on the back of their dog and tries to open the fridge door. The dog tolerates this patiently for a while, but when the child opens the fridge door, he decides it is time to leave and he just walks away. He did this because he got no treat from the kid in exchange for his cooperation, even though he managed to glimpse into the fridge. The child stayed there, he had to hold on to the fridge. This proves how intelligent animals are.