We wanted to eat something sweet, then I realized it’s been a while since we had Zserbó.

If you don’t know what dessert to prepare, we have an idea. You can never
have too much Zserbó!


  •  40 dkg flour,
  •  a pinch of baking powder,
  •  20 dkg grease,
  • 10 dkg powdered sugar,
  •  1 dl milk + 1 sugar cube,
  •  1 dkg yeast,
  •  2 eggs,
  •  pinch of salt,
  •  20 dkg ground walnuts,
  •  20 dkg sugar,
  •  40 dkg apricot jam.

On the top:

  • 15 dkg dark chocolate + 1.5 tbsp oil


Let the yeast grow in some lukewarm milk and with a cube of sugar.

Mix the flour and the grease. Add the powdered sugar, pinch of salt, the eggs
and the yeast and then mix it all together.

Divide the dough into three parts. Stretch it on a bakeboard with flour on it.
Put the bottom dough in a 20 x 30 cm baking sheet lined with baking paper,
spread jam on it then sprinkle ground half of the walnut and sugar on it. Now add the next stretched dough and repeat the previous step. Finally cover it with the third dough layer. Let it rest for 40 minutes. Then pierce the dough with a fork and bake it in an oven warmed to 180 degree for 40 minutes. When it cools down, cover the top with dark chocolate.

Recipe by Pakainé Hegedűs Andrea