This puppy is only paying attention to food and in the meantime, he almost flips over his bowl

    A puppy always brings joy and happiness to a family, but they require a lot of attention in the beginning, so that they learn what they need to know.

    When a puppy is still young, it has to eat a lot so it can become a healthy and strong dog one day. This little puppy is usually very energetic, playful and makes his owner laugh in some clumsy and awkward moments.

    In today’s video you can see a puppy that likes to eat, no food goes to waste on his watch. He is devouring his food, he stands on two legs so he can reach the food, but when he lifts his hind legs he almost flips over the bowl. He is so cute while he eats, he only cares about the food, he doesn’t pay attention to anything else. Fortunately, his owner is paying attention to him and helps him out immediately. Watch this short video clip, it is very entertaining.