A couple from Ohio asked their loved ones not to buy them wedding gifts but to support an animal shelter instead

    There was a heartwarming story spreading on social media sites: Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham are a young married couple from Ohio, who gave up on getting wedding gifts and they asked their guests to give the money they wanted to spend on them to a local animal shelter. The designated shelter was the Wayne County Humane Society and they said thanks for the generous support in a Facebook post.

    “We received a lot of gifts thanks to Jonathan and Jeananne! This wonderful couple asked their friends and family to support us instead of getting them gifts. Thanks to this we received a lot of things, including 1200 servings of wet pet food and 2000 dollars, which we can spend on treating the animals. This is how we managed to finance two life-saving surgeries for two cats. We can’t thank them enough. We are very grateful!” – said the workers at the shelter.

    We received a tremendous gift on Saturday from Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham! This wonderful couple got married a few…

    Közzétette: Wayne County Humane Society – 2019. október 13., vasárnap

    The young couple’s exemplary act made the people of the internet happy as well. The story got thousands of likes and comments.

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