Rocky road – The no-bake crunchy and tasty treat

An amazing, crunchy treat that everybody loves. Chocolate and hazelnuts are the perfect combination, that’s why they are everybody’s favorite. No need for any baking to surprise your family with this treat.


  • 25 dkg dark chocolate,
  • 15 dkg milk chocolate,
  • 15 dkg butter,
  • 4 tbsp of honey,
  • 15 dkg ground wholemeal biscuits,
  • 15 dkg hazelnuts
  • 10 dkg smaller-size marshmallows


Warm the 15 dkg butter on steam than and the 25 dkg dark chocolate and finally the 4 tbsp of honey. Mix it until you get a homogeneous mass. Then add the 15 ground wholemeal biscuits, the 15 dkg hazelnuts and finally the 10 dkg marshmallows. Put baking paper into a tin and pour the mixture onto it, then place it into the fridge.

Recipe by Dr-Mórocz Míra